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Microgreens in Fruit Smoothies

Microgreens add loads of vitamins and are a great way to add fiber to your morning smoothie.
Course: Breakfast


  • Blender


Your favorite fruits, seeds, yogurt or milk, and honey

    Your Favorite Microgreens

    • Kale microgreens
    • Purple Vienna Kohlrabi colorful microgreens add beauty and different nutrients to your smoothie
    • Red Acre Cabbage microgreens
    • Broccoli microgreens
    • Fennel microgreens
    • Beet microgreens
    • Pea Shoots
    • Sunflower Shoots
    • Buckwheat Shoots
    • Sorrel


    • Blend a cup of fresh frozen fruit, microgreens, water/yogurt, or milk, chia seeds, and honey.